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Who we are

All the holidays proposed on this website are offered by qualified international mountain leaders for the guided walking, trekking and snowshoeing, and qualified UIAGM high mountain guides for the ski touring. Sian Grigg and her team at the Hotel Les Templiers provide logistical support and co-ordination for all the independent walking/trekking and activity holidays. It is a co-operative arrangement, with each of us providing part of the overall service you receive.  By choosing one of our holidays you will deal directly with each service provider, receiving in the process a complete package, personalised care and a value for money holiday.  We first tested this system for the summer of 2009, continued and expanded in summer 2010 and have been offering winter and summer holidays since 2011.

Where: The Pyrenees – Southern France

carte_france1Stretching 430 kms from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, with its highest point at 3,404m (11,168 ft) the Pyrenees physically separate France from Spain.

Even though the mountains form such a natural and dramatic barrier the mountain communities on both sides of the range have traditionally had more interaction with each other than with the French and Spanish communities on the plains. These historical links are evident in the many trading paths that criss-cross the border and the remaining pastoral agreements where Spanish cows graze on French pastures for part of the summer.  These links are celebrated in the listing on the World Heritage Cultural Register of the Mont Perdu cross-border site.

  carte-unesco-france Carte-du-Parc-national-Pyreneescarte unesco_mtperdu pyrenees-carte-bis pyreneescartetopographiquedes

Where: Luz St Sauveur and the Lavedan Valleys

Luz St Sauveur in the French Pyrenees is a typical mountain village situated half way between the famous pilgrimage city of Lourdes and the Gavarnie-Mont Perdu World Heritage Area which overlaps with the Pyrenees National Park.  It is a character filled and charming village in the heart of the Hautes Pyrenees and provides an excellent base for hiking and other mountain activities. It is also ideally situated for visiting all of the ‘Midi-Pyrenees Grand Sites‘ in the Hautes Pyrenees – Gavarnie, Pont d’Espagne, Pic du Midi and Lourdes.

Map of Hotel Templiers and Luz St Sauveur

Arras en Lavedan is situated at the entrance to the Val d’Azun, just above the larger market town of Argeles Gazost amongst green and rolling foothills. Known for the wonderful ‘douceur de vivre‘, the easy, sunny and relaxed way of life, you can’t help but slow down and smell the roses while you are here.

Map of Blue Cairn Lodge and the Val d’Azun / Argeles Gazost

How: to get here

On the train!  See the TGV-Europe site, or RailEurope websites for ticket prices and dates.  The night train between Paris and Lourdes is a time (and planet) saving way of getting here.  With the Eurostar between London and Paris, then the night train you can finish work at 5pm and be in Luz by 9am the next morning. The day TGV from Paris is an easy 6 hours to Lourdes.