The Converging World

Carbon Calculator and Alternative to Offsetting


The following is information from the Converging World’s website:

“While we believe there is a place for good and transparent carbon offsetting schemes, carbon offsetting generally has its critics. They often cite the offset schemes of profit-making companies – where carbon reductions can be difficult to verify – as proof of a flawed concept for emissions reductions. It is a hotly debated question which can often seem to have no resolution. Our alternative to offsetting encourages people to donate to us – The Converging World – where we will use their donations to enable carbon reduction for years to come, not just a one off saving.

How does it work?

We have developed an innovative carbon calculator that simply allows people to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions of their travels. It allows multiple trips using a variety of different modes of transport with the specific calculations done using accurate DEFRA (Dept. Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) conversion factors. The total emissions are then presented in context, compared against the UK annual average emissions, and other statistics. The user is given a suggested donation (equating to £10/tonne GHG equivalent) with a link to our website to donate.

The Converging World (TCW) invests donations in renewable energy projects in the developing world. What sets TCW’s model apart from other schemes is the fact that all surplus revenues generated from their renewable energy projects are used for sustainable development work in the developing world, carbon reduction initiatives in the UK, and further renewable energy projects for the future. Donations to TCW therefore work much harder than simply spending them once – they not only generate clean energy today and in the future, they also help communities across the globe reduce their emissions in a sustainable and equitable way.”