Who We Were

Pyrenean Mountain Tours

Pyrenean Mountain Tours was a small company set up by two friends, Jessica Pickard and Simon Greenleaf, who were captivated by the grandeur of the mountains and the quality of the off piste skiing when they first visited Barèges on a Pyrenees holiday in 1993.

From 1994-2009 they, and a small team of professionals, organised holidays both in the Pyrenees and in mountains elsewhere. In 2009 they stopped running summer holidays for individuals and families. After 15 years they reckoned they deserved a bit of downtime in the mountains for themselves! Their colleagues in France, favourite guides and local hoteliers, decided to fill the gap by forming their own company: Pyrenean Odysseys. In 2012 they also passed over responsibility for their winter holidays as well. Pyrenean Mountain Tours continues to run some group holidays.