Anne Lister in the Pyrenees

Anne Lister – a dare devil, entrepreneurial, adventuring, cross dressing, married lesbian of the 19th century happened to be the first person to summit the Vignemale, highest peak in the French Pyrenees and just up the road from our base in Luz St Sauveur. A new HBO series looks like it will give us a rollicking ride through her life and loves, a precursor to Wonder Woman or Lara Croft, or just a girl doing her own thing as she felt like it. Utterly refreshing, even in the 21st century. I’ll have to watch it just to see if her climb that is famous here is included in the story.

Part of the Pyrénéisme movement Lister visited   W climb  might also shed a little light on her famous first ascent of the Vignemale summit in the Pyrenees. We didn’t have any film crews around re-creating the event that we know of. But Anne Lister completed an ascent of the Mont Perdu, and then was the first outsider to climb the Vignemale (3298m).