Apocalyptic Snow Feb 2015

Crazy snow conditions early Feb 2015

For those of you who didn’t follow the whole episode intently on social media here is a taste of the madness.

From James Connaughton, intrepid Aussie photographer in the valley, came the first lot of pictures… How he got down the path to the river in those conditions I don’t know. Pretty sure footed. And no blue sky to be seen yet. The apocalyptic conditions of last weekend.

Gorge de Luz Pont de Gontaud Pont Napoleon River Luz River Luz1 River Luz2



















From the Tourist Offices around the valley came reports of progress securing the ski stations and roads.

First some shots from around Luz St Sauveur and up at the Luz Ardiden ski area.

Le Viscos Luz Ardiden Luz GR10 Luz Ardiden1 Route Luz Ardiden








Eglise Templiers









The streets and pine trees of Barèges are always picturesque.

Barèges Barèges_morning

Gavarnie had their work cut out, with the ice climbing festival on the white out weekend – all went ahead, the village was eventually cut off meaning those who were there scored a long long weekend.

Gavarnie tree Gavarnie banc Gavarnie Gavarnie ice Gavarnie ice2 Gavarnie ice3

















Down in Arras Mandy and Sacha also had plenty to play with. The igloo will be around for a while yet.

Igloo Arras IMGP0015








The restaurants up the mountain had a huge job getting back to work. The Bastan at Super Barèges had some shovelling to do. Two metres of snow on the roof, their snow buggy lost under a mountain of powder. They spent the start of the week hard at work and were back open mid-week.

Le Bastan inside Le Bastan3   Le Bastan1 Le Bastan

Bastan pres1  Bastan pres3















The Bederet restaurant at Luz Ardiden was the same…. Masses of snow to deal with and they then produced a fab ice bar to celebrate the craziness. What a view.

Bederet snow   Bederet snow3   Bederet ready1Bederet Paul Bederet ready2  Bederet ready



















After all the hard work comes the rewards… Everyone having a really lovely time enjoying the blue skies and the snow and the wonder of it all. Get yourselves up here if you haven’t already.

Luz Ardiden pano

Luz Sat8Feba Luz Sat8Feb