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Lac de Gaube and the Pont d’Espagne

Hier, une très bonne amie anglaise (Leigh) vivant à Luz, m’a invité faire une petite balade au lac du Gaube, dans le secteur de Cauterets. (Yesterday a very good English friend living in Luz invited me for a little walk to


Pyrenean Animal Park

We will be reprinting some blog articles from Francesca Foot over the next couple of months.  She is an English university exchange student who has been in Luz, on and off, for the last year.  She writes a blog on all her


The best 200 experiences in France

France Magazine’s favourite experiences list After twelve years living in France I have definitely not done all of the 200 favourite experience listed in France Magazine’s latest (April-May 2015) issue… Or even all of the top twelve. But I have done