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Langtang Nepal Earthquake Aftermath

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We’re horribly sad following the huge and devastating earthquake in Nepal, making our trek to the Langtang Valley region impossible, and any future treks clearly uncertain. An entire industry and many Nepalese people’s livelihoods have been swept away along with the villages.  

The enormity of the disaster is immediately apparent to anyone who looks, and to those who work and live in the mountains, it is uncomfortably close to home. The Luz Valley, where we are based, experienced what we thought to be a devastating flood in June 2013. Roads were swept away, the village of Bareges was evacuated, the road out of the valley was destroyed in a number of places, effectively cutting the valley off from the outside, electricity and water were shut off. And coming on June 18 plans for the summer tourist season, the most important in Luz, were thrown into disarray.

The impact of this flood, where one person died, so in comparison to Nepal, negligible, on the town and valley, was dramatic. Fragile and traumatised people died later in the summer from strokes, heart attacks and suicides. Mental health issues spiked, small business owners were particularly affected.

The town must now pay for expensive riverbank stabilisation works that are not covered by the national disaster relief funds. The impact will be felt in the town’s budget for 40 years to come – the time of the loans the town will take out to pay for stabilisation work.

All this for a flood, small in comparison to the many magnitudes larger tragedy that has engulfed Nepal.

As tourists we can move on – head to other mountains and other destinations. For the people who host us in their spectacular homelands this is not an option. They are rooted in their region and all their wealth is there – and is now under piles of rubble.

Consider your next holiday’s budget, choose something cheaper, and donate the remainder.

Earthquake survivors from Kyanjin Gumba in Langtang valley near Nepal's border with Tibet, gather inside their makeshift shelter at Yellow Gompa in Kathmandu

Below are some links to information and where to donate.

The European Geophysical Union has a page of links and information. They suggest donating to the UK’s Disasters Emergency Committee. Funds raised will be matched by the UK government.
Donate to Oxfam Australia’s Nepal Campaign
Donate to Oxfam UK’s Nepal Appeal

OxfamTrailwalker_logo_greenWhile in Brisbane I am participating in Oxfam’s 100km walk, on the 19-20 June, to raise funds for Oxfam’s work worldwide. Donating to Oxfam helps disadvantaged people everywhere, including Nepal. Donate to our team here.

This Reuters article gives information on what happened in Langtang, where our trek would have started and where many trekkers begin their Himalayan adventures.

A French colleague – from Maison Gaudissard in the Southern Alps – has sent us an email with information detailing the small scale efforts of a friend of theirs who has worked in Nepal for many years:

“Our friend, Jérôme Edou, who has worked for more than 30 years in the trekking business in Nepal, is working in conjunction with the Garuda Association for useful on the ground help. They are already intervening in the villages where the guides, sherpas and personnel of the Base Camp Trek travel agency are based to bring medical and other help to the populations.”

You can see what they are doing via their facebook page.

Their details for donations are:

Association Garuda
Bank account : BIC SOGEFRPP – IBAN: FR76 3000 3040 5300 0501 5132 288
SOCIETE GENERALE Agence de Soisy-sous-Montmorency (0453)
Centre commercial AUCHAN ; 28, Avenue de Paris
95230 Soisy-sous-Montmorency

Tel :+33 1 39 59 90 44 – Mobile: +33 6 89 21 80 77
For medical supplies you can contact:
Docteur Caroline Mignot
Tel : +33 6 72 39 32 69

They thank you for any help you can provide.

As do we.

Sian Grigg.