Fran’s Pyrenean Flower Photos


As it is spring I thought I’d reprint some of Fran’s photos showing all her flower finds in the Luz and Cauteret valleys last summer.  Daffodils have been out over the last couple of weeks and now the buttercups and dandelions are filling the fields along with lots of lovely tiny blue flowers.

Especially as its snowing at the moment and we are inside preparing for summer and organising… When it clears the photo opportunities will be spectacular – green and flowery valleys topped by fresh white mountains. 


Becky2017-05-07 19:54:24

What is the common and or the scientific name for the sin-petalled white flower with numerous light green Stamen? Thank you, Becky

templiersluz2017-05-08 16:59:12

Hi Becky, From looking at my Pyrenean flower book I am guessing it is called hépatique (French name) and the scientific name is "hepatica tribola". I'm asking Fran to see if she knows! Sian

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