We made the most of the fresh powder with a snow-shoe afternoon to the spectacular heights of “Hautacam” (high place in local dialect). With Sian from the Templiers and a group of keen Australians who had never tried such an activity before….

The outing got off to a great start – all we could see were clouds above and around as we drove up the very windy Hautacam road and then suddenly we arrived at the car park and drove out of the cloud and into the blue sky just before the highest point, one thousand six hundred metres, where we parked. From then on the views were fabulous – with the clouds coming in and out as we walked along.

Snow-shoeing is non-technical and allows us to enjoy the mountains in winter, usually in “nordic terrain”. We walked along easy ridges and reached a summit from which the 360° views are truly spectacular! All the more so as we were just above the cloud line and could see white summits peaking out of fluffy white clouds and contrasting with the deep blue sky.

A hot chocolate in Tonio’s bar (along with Australian,Irish and New Zealand national anthems) was a relaxing end to a good day out. We hope the Aussies keep sweet memories of their snow-shoeing in the Pyrenees!

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