Hotel Les Templiers Renovation

Nine months work

Since last autumn we have completed a range of work here at Hotel Les Templiers.  Much of it is relatively unseen (a new vent system for the kitchen, double glazing in three rooms) but our guests this summer will enjoy three fully renovated rooms (one was previously two small rooms) and one room with an entirely new bathroom (the family room).  The renovation process was interesting for the relative novices we are.  We worked with a local mason/plumber, a handyman/painter/decorator along with a plasterer and an extra helper to try and achieve the most environmentally friendly renovation possible.  A book on environmentally friendly sound proofing was extremely useful (lots of cork and wood fibre bats!) as were some of our previous experiences with lime plaster and pigments.  We recycled old washbasins and toilets that were in good condition and have used as much of the old bits and pieces around the place as we possibly could.  Old doors are now cupboard doors, old walnut room doors that have been replaced by fire/sound proof doors are now bathroom doors and our collection of old wood and slate has been somewhat diminished.  This incorporation of the old into the new is one of the most satisfying parts of the renovation.  The Marmoleum floor was an expensive investment and one we hope will serve us and our guests well.  Made from linseed oil, high density wood fibre and cork it provides a floating floor that has good sound proof qualities, is hygienic, modern and environmentally friendly.

There are of course many things to continue improving but with the first part of the work complete we have succeeded in making all nine rooms comfortable and up to date for our guests.

And of course all this renovation explains our lack Newsletter and Blog writing…  A bit of catching up to do over the summer!


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