Organic Breakfast Buffet

After many years of having some organic products at breakfast and in our restaurant we have now managed to organise an almost all organic buffet breakfast and along with half organic picnics.

The usual issues arise – not wanting to drive up and down too often to the organic shops on the plain (Tarbes, Pau or Lourdes) because that is not much good for the planet either, and the simple fact that some things are simply unavailable or too expensive.  The price of our breakfast is staying the same, 7€ per person which includes a hot drink (organic tea, fair trade coffee, organic hot chocolate), cereal (organic muesli and cornflakes), milk, apple juice and sometimes mixed juice, honey, sugar, jam, bread (organic half the time – the organic bakery only bakes 3 times a week), croissant (not organic!), yoghurt (mostly home made and organic), butter, fresh fruit (sometimes organic – this is the hardest to guarantee because we can’t order too much in advance).  We have cheese from near the Somport pass, so we know the cows graze on mountain grass, and we can offer boiled eggs from a small producer at the market.

Picnics are a bit harder because it is difficult to always source organic fresh fruit and cruditées.  We have local mountain cheese, ham, paté, rillettes and saucisson from the local butcher, organic hard boiled eggs along with organic dried fruit and biscuits.

The managers of the restaurant are continuing to use organic flour for all their galettes and crepes as well as organic bread from the Saligos bakery along with other bits and pieces as they can source them.

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