Press Articles

Over the years various newspapers have written articles about visiting the Pyrenees.  Here are a couple of links describing attractions in and around the Luz Valley.

The first is a nice article on Gavarnie and briefly the Pic du Midi by Rhiannon Batten who finds mystery and marvels in the Pyrenees for an Independent article “Explore Nature’s Colosseum in the Pyrenees”.

Next, for the more adventurous, Matt Carroll goes paragliding in a neighboring valley.  “Airborne to be wild: Paragliding in the Pyrenees“. Our local school, Air Adventures Pyrenees, runs beginners courses from June and Sept and also offers tandam flights. We can help you organise these.

Lastly, an article by Simon Calder, dating from 2004 when he was writing his book about walking across the Pyrenees, which made me think that catching the train might be easier than working out the low cost airlines baggage limits.

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