Pyrenean Animal Park

We will be reprinting some blog articles from Francesca Foot over the next couple of months.  She is an English university exchange student who has been in Luz, on and off, for the last year.  She writes a blog on all her adventures in the Pyrenees and is kindly allowing us to reprint some of her posts on various tourist attractions. 

The first is from April 2009, when she had just arrived in Luz.  The Pyrenean Animal Park is really great for younger children but is in fact good for everyone because there are marmots, wolves, lynx, bears, deer, otters along with a farmyard type area with very tame rabbits that you can pat.  Feeding the marmots is one highlight and the otters facinate everyone with their acrobatics.

La Colline aux Marmottes

A few photos from a visit to La colline aux marmottes, an animal park in Argeles, where you can meet some of the local fauna…

…for some reason, they don’t let you feed the bears…
25th April 2009. (c) Footsteps in the Pyrenees.

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