Calendar Trek 2017

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Self Guided Treks – start any day

June – October: Our flexible Gavarnie Balconies Trek can be from 1-7 nights and is perfect to discover the splendour of the Gavarnie Cirque in more than just a day walk. Approach from the north along the old Compostella path and soak up the big view. 95 – 680 €pp.

July – Sept: The Pyrenees National Park Trek gives you a full week in the French Pyrenees National Park. Varied and spectacular scenery taking in the major sites of the Central French Pyrenees. 735€pp.

Guided Holidays – start any day

Troumouse AguilaPyrenees Discovery: Discover the best of the Pyrenees in a flexible and relaxed manner. Walking, excursions to the market and villages, a day trip to Pic du Midi, great food and wonderful scenery. At the end of the week you will have taken in three of the four Grand Sites of the Hautes-Pyrenees: Gavarnie, the Pont d’Espagne and the Pic du Midi. The fourth, Lourdes, can be visited either on your way in or out of the valley. Trip runs from 2P with half guiding and 4P with full guiding. Price: 975€pp, Grade: easy-moderate, Meet: Luz St Sauveur, Email: Sian. Dates: May – October.

Guided Treks 2017

Maderah6-13 May, 13-20 May, 20-27 May, O Madeira!, Price: 750€, Grade: easy-moderate, Meet: Funchal. Only 50 by 20 kms, Madeira is an island of flowers, a floating botanical garden in the middle of the Atlantic! Luxurious tropical vegetation from around the world, grandiose terraced landscapes, craggy summits, cliffs suspended between the sky and the earth, waterfalls and walking paths along the high canals give us the impression of being suspended above the canopy. The Laurisilva forest is unique and world heritage listed. It is a relic of the laurel forests that covered Southern Europe 15-40 million years ago, and now only exist in the Azores, Canary Islands and Madeira.

27 May – 2 June (6 nights), Corsica Piana and Girolata, Price: 1050€, Grade: Corsica Viewsmoderate, Meet: Ajaccio. FULL.
Welcome to the Isle of Beauty; an idyllic and truly spectacular mountain jutting out of the glittering Mediterranean sea! Spend six days taking in the views of the limpid turquoise waters of the Gulf of Porto (and swimming in them), and exploring the the Piana calanches (rugged coastal rock formations), the Scandola Nature reserve (by kayak) and the magical Girolata Bay area. Together these form the Gulf of Porto World Heritage Area.

29 Jul – 5 Aug, Ordesa – Gavarnie Trek, Price: 915€pp, Grade: moderate-difficult, Meet: Luz St Sauveur.
Gavarnie HRP4This trek takes you through the Gaube Valley, the Ordesa Canyon and the Gavarnie Cirque; the highlights of the central Pyrenees on both sides of the French-Spanish border. It takes in both the French Pyrenees and Spanish Ordesa National Parks (and of course the Mont Perdu World Heritage Area).

5 – 12 Aug, Pyrenean High Route Hendaye-Orhy (HRP1), Price: 895€pp, Grade: moderate, Meet: Biarritz/Lourdes, Email: Sian.
In 2017 Sacha is hoping to complete the entire traverse continuously and we are offering for clients to join the first four weeks. This HRP1 Ainoafirst week starts with a dip in the Atlantic Ocean on the beach at Hendaye from where we climb gradually above the ocean to the first foothills and summits of the beautiful Basques country. We finish the week in glory on the Pic d’Orhy (a mountain to inspire poetry!), the most westerly ‘2000m’ summit of the Pyrenees.

12 – 19 Aug, Pyrenean High Route Orhy-Ossau (HRP2), Price: 895€pp, Grade: moderate, Meet: Pau/Lourdes, Email: Sian. CONFIRMED.
For this second week we start in the Basques country and cross into the Béarn via the stunning Pic d’Anie and the Ansabère needles. We offer the ascension (on option) of the legendary Pic du Midi d’Ossau with a mountain guide for the final day if the group is keen.

Vignemale19 – 26 Aug, Pyrenean High Route Ossau-Gavarnie (HRP3), Price: 895€pp, Grade: moderate – hard, Meet: Lourdes, Email: Sian. 1p extra to confirm.
Our third week covers one of the most spectacular sections of the trail from the Pic du Midi d’Ossau past the Balaitous and includes an ascension of the Petit-Vignemale (3032m), just under the highest peak on the French side of the range, the Vignemale (3298m).

26 Aug – 2 Sept, Pyrenean High Route Gavarnie – Pineta via Ordesa (HRP4), Price: 950€pp, Grade: moderate – hard, Meet: Lourdes, Email: Sian.

Taking in the highlights of the Mont Perdu World Heritage Area, along with the summit itself, this week takes you into the Gavanrie Cirque, and then over the border to Spain to discover the Ordesa Canyon and the Pineta Valley. These are the must see sites of the central Pyrenees and the contrast between the French and Spanish sides is dramatic – from glacial valleys to water eroded canyons it is difficult to believe so much diversity exists in such a small geographical area.