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¤ Eight people or less per guide, guaranteed departure from four people, sometimes two
¤ All logistics, accommodation, transport included and organised by Pyrenean Odysseys
¤ Explore the flora and fauna, culture and history of the Pyrenees as you walk
¤ Enjoy quiet day trips, trek to remote peaks, trek from refuge to refuge on isolated footpaths, miles from roads and far away from civilisation
¤ Come on your own, as a couple or with friends or family

Walking with a group, lead by a trained mountain professional is both fun and a wonderful learning experience. These spectacular itineraries are often in places you may have difficulty accessing on your own. You benefit from the guide’s safety and mountain experience when you may require it, ensuring your trip has the highest chances of success, and enjoyment for everyone.  Years of walking, working and living here mean your guide chooses the  best route for each day, can improvise if the weather changes, knows where to look for birds, animals and plants, and is on hand for any emergencies.  These are not group ‘tours’ but treks with other people interested in the mountains, along with an expert on hand to tell you about the natural environment, local history and culture.  Our guides can transform your walking experience from one of simply admiring the scenery to one of walking through and understanding the beautiful and awesome landscape you find yourself in.

The Pyrenees

Vignemale on topAlong with our Great Pyrenean Traverse, winding its way along the French-Spanish border using the GR10, high route and GR11 paths, we offer a huge range of walks and treks in and around the valleys of the Central Pyrenees south of Lourdes. From rolling foothills to the high frontier peaks, the territory is varied and there are endless possibilities for easier and more challenging treks. With the Pibeste Nature Reserve, the Néouvielle Nature Reserve, the Pyrenees National Park and the Mont Perdu World Heritage Area we are surrounded by protected natural sites. All the villages we stay in are part of the Pyrenees National Park, applying the charter of the Park in ways such as zero pesticide in public spaces, reduction in public lighting and a host of other sound environmental practices.

Walking in a Group

HRP 4 july 2013 066Some are wary of joining a group walk, thinking they may end up with others they do not like and will not enjoy the experience. We have never found this to be the case. Walking in a group is a relaxed affair – you walk together when necessary and can spread out and find your own pace on other sections. Everyone is doing something they enjoy and are interested in. During each day there are opportunities for time on your own, rejoining the group when necessary to cross a tricky section or when a landmark is reached. Walking in a group has huge benefits – information from your guide and thus increased understanding of the landscape you are walking through, security in the mountains, help should you need it and the opportunity to go into places you otherwise might not. Not to mention the sense of collective achievement when everyone gets through sections they are less sure about.

Trek GavarnieYou will be made welcome whether you come as a single person, a couple or a pre-existing group. The supportive bonds that build up in a walking group can be very strong with everyone helping each other out.  You don’t need to worry about whether you will manage to “keep up” with the group – everyone walks at their own pace so those who want to can push ahead to a suitable stopping point with others making a more steady pace.  We will discuss your walking experience with you before you come, and all our itineraries will be adapted to suit when necessary.


HRP 4 july 2013 335You don’t need to do any map reading or navigation but we find that most people joining the guided walks and treks are interested in having a look at the map each day in order to see where the group is headed. If you would like to have your own maps the IGN “Carte de Randonnée” 1:25000 scale are the best in France. Your guide will show you where you are on the map or, on treks, will plan each day’s walk with you ahead of time over a drink at the refuge. You can learn plenty about map reading from them so take advantage of their experience and knowledge.

Local Transport

Transport arrangements vary depending on the trip, its start and finish points and what is required in between. None of our guided holidays require for you to have your own car, and where public transport is possible at the start and end of a trip you will be encouraged to use it.  Your guide will organise all transport during the week whether it be mini-van or public bus services.

Which Trip is for You ?

HRP 4 july 2013 679Some trips return to the comfort of Hotel Les Templiers in Luz at the end of each day, others have a mix of hotel, hostel and refuge accommodation, and others use both hostels and mountain refuges for accommodation along the way. Treks traverse the high passes of the Pyrenees – often passing between France and Spain, sometimes over small snow fields that last into the summer. Choosing the right walk for you depends on a number of factors, such as how fit and experienced in the mountains you are, whether you would rather stay in a village setting or hike miles away from the roads, whether you are more interested in flora and fauna, culture or high mountain landscapes and peaks. The guided walks you will find on this site are very varied in feel and challenge. Some are relaxed day walks where the emphasis is on enjoying the scenery at a comfortable pace, stopping regularly for photos and learning a bit more about these magnificent Corse_zymountains (e.g. Pyrenees Discovery). A local catchphrase is ‘the mountains are for everyone’ and you certainly don’t have to be an Olympian to enjoy walking here. However, other holidays are much more demanding physically and you’ll end the day with that satisfying feeling of having really given your all (Great Pyrenean Traverse, Ordesa-Gavarnie trek). These guided walks may involve elements of scrambling and long hard days, and require carrying a 10-12kg back pack through all of it. So do make sure that you ask us about what you are looking to do and we’ll help you choose the perfect mountain holiday for you.