Mountains & Sea

Magical Mountains in the Med and further afield…

Corsica Views

In spring and autumn a trek combining wonderful mountains and the sea is extremely tempting. Areas that can be very busy in summer are wonderful to visit in the shoulder seasons – the swimming is good, the temperatures reasonable for walking and the atmosphere relaxed. Our expanding selection of treks in the Mediterranean combine all this, and inevitably more! The food is also high on our list of perfect holiday requirements, and it doesn’t disappoint in any of these magical islands in the Med.

There are wonderful views, the cultures often preserved by isolation, we have the feeling of being up high away from everything and above every day cares. There is really nothing like them for resetting our compass, redrawing the boundaries of our lives, renewing and revitalising.

These are wonderful treks in places worthy of exploration. They deliver on their promise of mountains and sea, walking and the delight of wading into the Mediterranean for a swim at the end of it.

Corsica Mare e Monti

Corse_zgWelcome to the Isle of Beauty; an idyllic and truly spectacular mountain in the sea! Mare e Monti, as the name implies, brings us through the fabulous Corsican mountains filled with arbousier (strawberry) trees and aromatic plants, to the limpid turquoise waters of its rugged coastline. We trek from Galeria, through Girolata and the Scandola Natural Reserve (UNESCO World Heritage Site) to the amazing formations of the Calanches de Piana (also UNESCO World Heritage Site) with about half the nights spent on the beach (in auberges) and the other half in mountain refuges. Fantastic food, a certain amount of exoticism, great walking and particularly diverse scenery all make this an excellent trek and what’s more, one that is perfect for May or early June and September, October, outside the ‘summer rush’ !

Crete: key to the Mediterranean civilisations

We’re off for two weeks of trekking in Crete, walking through this ancient landscape and swimming in the warm waters of the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Our well-being is assured – each day we enjoy the locally grown simple and healthy Cretan food – and are inspired to slow down by the simple philosophy of life here. Many of the villages we visit for the last half of the trek are accessible only by foot or boat, cutting us off from our everyday world but still allowing our bags to be transported by boat and us the luxury of walking with day packs. Crete’s cultural treasures give us an insight into the Minoan, Roman, Persian, Greek, and Venetian civilisations who have all left vestiges here. The wisdom of the 3000 year old olive trees will seep into our subconscious as we walk!


MaderafExperience the tropical splendour of the world’s botanical garden. The flower island. Based Chez Anna in a wonderful hotel in the middle of the island. Each day Sacha heads out to explore the wonders of this Atlantic paradise.  Dates: 6-13 May, 13-20 May, 20-27 May. Price: 700€pp all included for the week, full board, transport and guide.