Snowshoeing and Afghanistan

It does seem an unlikely mix but indeed that is what last week was all about!  A couple of snowshoe outings with a friend on a break from working in Afghanistan.  Hamish will be giving a talk about his Afghanistan experiences on March 14th 2011 here in Luz St Sauveur, to coincide with our Winter Snowshoe Magic week.

An Australian, Hamish is currently working in Afghanistan with the UK’s Helmand Provincial Reconstruction Team as a Stabilisation Advisor.  He finishes up in January and will be giving a talk about his experiences here in Luz on March 14th, coinciding with Pyrenean Odysseys Winter Snowshoeing Magic trip.  While this might seem a strange mix we think its a great opportunity to hear something about team work and cooperation in an extremely challenging environment.  Hamish has a weekly blog for those interested in Helmand and the stabilisation efforts.  The contrast between Afghanistan and the snow covered Pyrenees couldn’t be greater at the moment.  Hopefully Hamish goes back renewed and refreshed by his time in the Pyrenees…

In the mean time – now this year’s snow cover is assured it is the time to book your snowshoe trip in the Pyrenees!

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