Walk around Luz in the other direction!

The return of sunny weather

Out for another little walk around Luz today.  The notes are to put into our Welcome to Luz pack, the information pack received by those on the Mountain Activity Holiday and the Family Activity HolidayStarting from the hotel the walk goes up past the cemetry and then either on to Solferino (nice and flat) or up to Les Astes (short steep climb and descent down to Napolean Bridge).

The walk past Solferino also ends up at the Napolean Bridge, where people can admire the bungee jumpers, or rock climbers, have an ice-cream (always good for motivating children to walk a bit further) and then continue on to the childrens park and climbing wall in St Sauveur.

You then plunge down to the river and cross over the Pont de Gontaut to a little river beach which is lovely for a paddle in the height of summer.  Only the brave swim but everyone can scare themselves going further and further into the freezing water (about 7°C in the middle of summer).  Then its a short climb up to the tennis courts and the high ropes course “En Chene et Frene” (In Oak and Ash) which is great for kids and adults alike.  Have a drink in the tennis club-house and head back along the road to Luz.

Looking over Luz up into the Bastan Valley with a snow covered Pic du Midi

The Napoléon Bridge - 90m to the bottom

Avenue of flowers in St Sauveur

Little people's park in St Sauveur

The climbing web in the St Sauveur park

Enjoying the high ropes course

Local politician working hard during the internal club over 35s tournament

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