Flight disruption this Summer?


Flights all over Europe may be disrupted this summer due to continued eruptions from volcanos in Iceland, or so said the news here in France last night.  One more reason to take the train…

This Daily Telegraph article gives an informative summary of the situation from the Icelandic authorities, reminding us an eruption from the much bigger Katla volcano often follows one from Eyjafjallajökull, and that both may cause trouble for decades to come. This suggests that the pragmatic approach to transport this summer may be the train or the ferry.  See www.raileurope.co.uk or www.tgv-europe.com for train tickets (3 or 4 months in advance) or Brittany Ferries if you prefer to travel over rather than under the channel.

Flickr has put together an image gallery of photos here which are superb. 

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